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How to clone

Step 1

Step 1: Signup

Go to the Codeanywhere signup page. Type in your user information or signup using Google or Github. After that, make sure to verify your email by clicking a link in your inbox.
Step 2

Step 2: Add your Codeanywhere SSH key to Github

Go to the Account page in the Codeanywhere dashboard. Click on the “Show” button in the “SSH Public Key” section. An SSH key will appear. Make sure to copy this key to your Github account.
Codeanywhere SSH keys
In Github, go to Settings -> SSH and GPG Keys -> New SSH Key -> Type a name (can be anything) -> Paste your key -> Click “Add SSH Key”
Github SSH keys
Note: This needs to be done only when you use Codeanywhere for the first time.
Step 3

Step 3: Create a container

Once the key is added open the Codeanywhere dashboard homepage. Click the “New Container” button, select a container template, enter container name and click “Create”.
Step 4

Step 4: Open IDE

Find your container on the containers list and click “Open IDE”. The container’s IDE will open in a new tab.
Step 5

Step 5: Open Terminal

Usually, the terminal will be open by default. If its not, click “Terminal” -> “New terminal”
Step 6

Step 6: Run git clone command

Run git clone command in your terminal:
git clone https://github.com/CyC2018/CS-Notes
Step 7

Step 7: Explore examples, run & contribute!

That’s it. CS-Notes code is now visible in file explorer. It’s ready for you to explore the examples and the source code, enabling you to run and contribute to the repository.
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