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Stop wasting your students' time by having them setting up and debugging their own development environment. With Codeanywhere you set up your class development environment once, share with all and it always works.
Students can focus on what they are there for – to learn to code.
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Codeanywhere - Education
Code editor
Codeanywhere offers a fully featured web-based code editor with a simple and intuitive interface making it perfect for students of all levels to express their full coding potential.
The editor is great for any Computer Science and/or STEM courses you may have, and best of all your students can access it from anywhere; the classroom or home, enabling them to keep up with their class no matter where they may be.
Codeanywhere - Infrastructure
Ready to go
Codeanywhere has you covered where problems with teaching coding shows up the most - Infrastructure. Setting up development environments on physical machines takes up a lot of your time and your students' time. Worst of all, most of the time it does not work right away, and you students have to debug infrastructure before writing a line of code - frustrating.
Codeanywhere provides a super simple and fully secure containerized infrastructure, enabling educators to work seamlessly with the entire class of students. This completely removes the problems of different hardware or operating systems on students machines.
What’s more, educators can access their students projects with a click of the button, enabling them to collaborate in real time.
You and your students can focus on what you need – to learn to code.
Codeanywhere - Containers
Development Environments
Codeanywhere is packed with preconfigured development environments for all popular programming languages, that spin up in seconds. But even better than that, Codeanywhere for Educators allows you to create a library of custom development environments tailored for specific student classes or lessons.
Creating a custom development environment temple is easy as can be in Codeanywhere, just log in, create a new Container from existing templates, install what you need and simply save it as a new template!
Share the template with the students of your class and they can spin new Containers based on that template right away. Our templated approach makes Codeanywhere a breeze easy to use, and even easier to update.
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