Cloud IDE for API Vendors

Time to First Hello World goes from a day to a minute

Enable your users to consume your API or test client libraries as fast as possible, with no need to download, install or configure anything. With the integration of Codeanywhere in your API offering your users Time to First Hello World goes from a day to a minute.
Now that's fast, Stop losing users to cumbersome API consumption processes.
Ease of use - Accessibility
Feature 1



Developers when deciding on which API to test, they first check out which one is the easiest to access, easiest to connect to and just all around easiest to use.
The simpler your API is to access the more developers will be using your API instead of the competition. That's what Codeanywhere for API Vendors has to offer.
Developer Experience - Improve your DX Benchmark
Feature 2


Improve your DX Benchmark

The foundation of your API consumption strategy should be your Developer Experience or DX Benchmark. This is measured by a number of parameters, but the most important is TTFHW (Time To First Hello World). The shorter time it takes for a potential user to go from no exposure to get to a HelloWorld test application, will determine how easy or how difficult it is to integrate with your API.
According to our research the standard time for a TTFHW is anywhere from 15 min to 2 days, but with Codeanywhere’s Container offering which can be pre configured with your APIs, libraries, frameworks, demos, and examples - you can lower that to just 60 seconds!
Stop losing users to long TTFHW today.
Codeanywhere - TTFHW
Feature 3

Easier and Faster API

We make your TTFHW fast!

How do we do it? We make your API easier and faster to consume as with Codeanywhere your user's DX funnel is cut almost in half!
Increase API Consumption - Our Cloud IDE
Feature 4

Increase API Consumption

Our Cloud IDE

Not only does the Codeanywhere container infratructure assist in this, but our Cloud IDE goes a step further. Codeanywhere’s Cloud IDE enables your potential users to have an instantaneous hands on experience to consume, develop and test your API, by modifying, running and testing your code right from the browser.
Outside the Cloud IDE, Codeanywhere also offers containers for your users to have sandboxed environments to develop in.
No need to install or configure anything on their computer.
Simple Authentication - Integration with oAuth
Feature 5

Simple Authentication

Easy Integration

Integration of your platform with Codeanywhere’s Cloud IDE offering is efficient, quick, and easy. No need for a Codeanywhere, or any other 3rd party credentials.
Codeanywhere’s White Label Offering can integrate with your authentication system, or with the use of the de facto standard for authentication - oAuth.
Own the entire experience - White Label
Feature 6

Own the entire experience

White Label

Codeanywhere offers this as a White Label product, and as the name suggests, it enables you to remove all of Codeanywhere’s branding in exchange for your own.
Enabling users of you API Offering to have an end-to-end seamless experience while consuming your APIs.
Peace of mind - Secure
Feature 7



We are well aware that some users may try to use the containers system for other purposes as we have over a decade of experience, providing thousands and thousands of our customers worldwide with containers.
During this time we have developed many layers of protection to disallow malicious usage such as; crypto mining, spam or bots. Also each sandbox environment is completely isolated from the rest of the system and if any malicious process runs inside it, our system will detect it and block the customer.
Decade of experience in providing cloud development environments.
Sandboxed environments - each completely isolated from the rest of the system.
Automatic detection of malicious usage such as crypto mining, spam or bots.
The choice is yours - Onprem or Hosted
Feature 8


Onprem or Hosted

Codeanywhere’s White Label solution can be offered as a managed or on-premise solution, depending on your needs.
With our managed solution, you can implement Codeanywhere effortlessly without worrying about infrastructure - we take care of everything for you. Alternatively if your use case (security, company policy, or similar) requires an on-premise solution - be it on your in-house hardware or your cloud provider, Codeanywhere is up to the task. As it can be easily set up on any Kubernetes cluster.

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